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top 3 questions about diet and CKD

Top 3 Questions About Diet and CKD

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with kidney disease, or have been living with it for a while, nutrition plays an important role. But if you’re like any of my clients, you have probably Googled something and may feel confused of overwhelmed with all of the information online. You probably have questions about diet and CKD. DietContinue reading “Top 3 Questions About Diet and CKD”

Tips for Plant-Based Diets and CKD

So you’ve read online that plant-based diets are helpful for CKD. In this article, I break down their benefits and tips for including more plant-based foods. Let’s dive in. What Is A Plant-Based Diet? At their roots, plant-based diets mean reducing animal products like dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, etc. And increasing your intake of wholeContinue reading “Tips for Plant-Based Diets and CKD”


A renal dietitian’s guide to smoothies

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? It can be overwhelming with how to build a nutritious and delicious smoothie. So here is a renal dietitian’s guide to smoothies. They are so versatile and can be a quick, nutritious, and delicious breakfast (well really any meal), snack, or event dessert. And smoothies can be enjoyed all yearContinue reading “A renal dietitian’s guide to smoothies”

Kidney-Friendly Pantry

How To Stock A Kidney-Friendly Pantry

Have you ever opened the cupboards and wondered “What’s for dinner?”. If you’re like me, and many others, this has probably happened before. But how do you stock a kidney-friendly pantry so that you always have nutritious and delicious foods available to help with your kidney disease? Well look no further. This post has youContinue reading “How To Stock A Kidney-Friendly Pantry”

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