Why Work With Emily At Kidney Nutrition?

Individuals can lose more than fifty percent of the kidney function before symptoms appear. Early nutrition interventions plays an important role in managing kidney disease and diabetes, and I can help you navigate the complex world of food and nutrition and show you how food can be delicious and nutritious while achieving your health and nutrition goals. 

Are you looking to delay the progression of your kidney disease through nutrition, blood pressure or blood sugar control? Are you looking to manage kidney stones? I have many years of experience working with individuals who have kidney disease. Let’s work together to develop a personalized plan with foods that are enjoyable and can help through education and resources.

Through secure one-on-one online nutrition consultations you can now meet with a specialized registered dietitian anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. Together we will complete a nutrition assessment and develop a plan to support you to with your health and nutrition goals.

Are you struggling with all the confusing information available for a kidney-friendly diet?

Do you have questions about how to preserve your kidney function through nutrition?

Are you managing diabetes and kidney disease and not sure what to eat?

Do you have kidney stones?

Let’s chat! 

Book a 15-Minute Introductory Call Today!


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