Package Two: Everyday Eating

Package Two:

Everyday Kidney Eating

Food flatlay for kidney eating

Looking to understand the basics and every day eating with kidney disease? This package is great for those who want to preserve their kidney function and have support with meal planning.  With this package you get : 

  • Understanding the functions of the kidneys
  • Learning your lab values so you understand what is happening in your body and track changes
  • Important nutrients in the kidney diet to delay progression of kidney disease
  • Foods to help you save your kidney function
  • Label reading and planning your food purchases
  • Support for building your own kidney diet with 3 months of meal plans
  • Strategies for staying on track long term
  • Incorporating wellness into your kidney routine

Investment: $600

Completed over 4 months

Initial Assessment60 min
One Follow-Up Session30 min
The Basics of Kidney Nutrition eBook
Personalized Meal Planning for 3 months
Messaging Support Between Sessions

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